Kimberlyn David

transformative intelligence for humanity

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Here to help

I serve mission-oriented teams and individuals who want to leverage the value of being human. I do that with:

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wellbeing & retreats

Do you seek greater connection with your aliveness? Does your daily flow feel more like the daily doldrums? Could your creativity use some oomph? Yes, yes, and yes?! Then the message is clear: Your body, heart, and mind are calling for a fabulous dose of wonder.

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brand initiatives & services

Need some genuinely effective comms? Want greater workplace sustainability? Let's do it! I work with kindhearted innovators/disruptors of all stripes: earth-friendly start-ups, B Corps, ethical corporations, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, artists, wellness practitioners.

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Our most important work as human beings won’t be found in competing for spirit-crushing jobs but in cultivating self-understanding and cooperation. Do you resonate with this? I facilitate creative growth for people and orgs with innovative practices.


Transformation isn't easy, yet it's rewarding.

I’m passionate about encouraging all of us to feel at home in our bodies, minds, and hearts—and in the truths that our caring voices stand for. See my Intel blog for fellowship and motivation.

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meet me

what i care about

Some say that our top priority is to be "economically valuable." Here’s the thing: We've been down that road, and it drives us to burnout and alienation. We deserve better.

It’s time to be compassionately valuable, to be serviceable to healing our collective hurts and exploits. That's what freedom means to me—shedding layers of trauma and cultivating an appreciation for life around us.

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