Kimberlyn David

We're a team on a mission: You drum up bold ideas, and I Pave roads of possibility.

I collaborate with mission-oriented teams and individuals. My workshop, wellness, and communications services are ideal for ethical innovators/disruptors: start-ups, B Corps, earth-friendly corporations, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs/artists, wellness practitioners, educators, public-interest advocates. Perhaps I can help you with something? Read on to learn about my services and my recent work.

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workshops & wellness

You want to evolve your day-to-day work, to make it more serviceable to transformation and sustainability? Great! I’ll gladly serve this wonderful process, from ideation to production. Would you like me to design initiatives exclusively for you or in partnership with you? Either way sounds good to me. Here are a few possibilities to illustrate what I can do for you:

  • Online courses, workshops, retreats
  • In-person workshops and retreats
  • At-work wellness practices
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Leading change requires communicating a vision that inspires people and motivates them to take wise action. I’ll get your message across, with a clarity and consistency that reflects your brand’s purposeful mission and your utmost integrity. My specialties:

  • Strategic copywriting and high-level editing
  • Creative direction and brand voicing


"If you have something to say, work with kimberlyn."