Raised the Bar

I have worked with Kimberlyn in several capacities. We met at a nonprofit, and when she came on board, her level of professionalism raised the bar for the organization as a whole. As the communications director, she always helped me up my game on my writing—she is an incredibly skilled editor, copywriter, and writers' midwife. I loved Kimberlyn's work so much that after I left the organization, I hired her to do the copy and design for my personal website, which turned out beautifully and started attracting clients immediately after launch.

I continue to collaborate with Kimberlyn through our Love-Based Leadership Collective initiative. She is incredibly professional, kind, compassionate, and hardworking. Everything she works on is made better through her diligence and care.

Stephanie Knox Steiner | Peace Educator

Ran a stellar campaign

Thanks to Kimberlyn, I’ve sailed through a couple of major feats. One was getting my chaotic website in order. She wrangled an overwhelming load of content and told me to eliminate irrelevant and outdated material. Then she mapped out a way for me to organize the essentials: who I am, what I do, how to contact me.

Her ability to cut the fat proved most helpful with my bio—my career spans 20+ years, and I found it daunting to condense my experiences into a format that people would actually read. The other major feat: When I became a prisoner in Panama for writing about fraud and corruption, Kimberlyn was instrumental to getting me out. She ran a stellar campaign, a smart combination of advocacy for press freedom and calling out Panama’s issues with corruption. If you have something to say, work with Kimberlyn.

Okke Ornstein | Journalist

Helped  convey the joy

Kimberlyn’s copy helped me convey the joy in my brand—and the joy I hope my customers find in wearing my ethically made products—instead of just the seriousness with which I take my work.

The copy sounds natural, and my customers respond encouragingly: weekly site visits have gone up by 20%, and email subscriptions jumped by 150%.

Magdalena Santos | CEO, Magdalena Concepts