How I work

1. Discovery

It’s always a good idea to make sure we’re on the same page before collaborating—we should enjoy our work together. Understanding what you’d like to accomplish is a key first step. I’ll therefore ask you to fill out my online project brief if you haven’t done so yet. Depending on the complexity of the work described in your brief, we may want to set up a time to talk (I’ll let you know if we should do that once I see your brief).

2. Agreement

I’ll reflect on what I’ve learned in Step 1 and consider the best project approach. I may take up some initial research to identify challenges or possibilities we’d want to take into account. Then I’ll send you a proposal specifying deliverables, timelines, and project fees. Once you OK the terms, we’re in agreement. I typically require a 50% down payment to begin any work, with the final balance due upon completion. The fee will of course depend on your project parameters. I accept payments by credit card, PayPal, and bank deposit.

3. Delivery

I dig into my research more. If I need any additional info, I’ll let you know. I produce the work we’ve agreed to in Step 2, then I send it to you for feedback and/or final approval. Once you give your final OK, I’ll invoice you for any outstanding balance. If I haven’t heard from you beforehand, I’ll check in with you 2–3 weeks after we complete the work, to say hello and make sure you’re still happy with the results.