Kimberlyn David

Kindlihood: Where livelihood & kindness meet

First, some frank honesty: Our models of working and leadership are failing us. The headlines on any given day lend a stark picture of where we are: We’re harming one another and other living beings; we’re trashing the planet we call home; we’re burning ourselves out in jobs that don’t allow us to thrive.

It's up to all of us to build bridges and take wiser actions. I participate in building a sane and loving world by redefining work (adios, drudgery!) and co-creating transformative leadership initiatives. Learn about these partnerships below.

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Love-based leadership collective

Eager to build a sane and loving world? Same here! After many months of conversations about the relationship between healing ourselves and healing the world, Stephanie Knox Steiner and I wondered, "Hey, why don't we bring these ideas to life? That's how Love-Based Leadership Collective (LBLC) came to be.

LBLC is a space for being fully human. And we'll be offering workshops and retreats around leadership, healing work traumas, and expressing our true purpose. We'll be going live with LBLC in the near future. Stay tuned...

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Being @ Work: From burnout culture to sustainability

Fabiola Benavente of Changemakers Forward and I are on a mission to help individuals and orgs thrive more, so the world can fully benefit from who they are and what they do. Our Being @ Work retreats/workshops are for courageous, creative people and the forward-thinking orgs they lead. Being @ Work grew from our own experiences with burnout and witnessing disconnects between do-good missions and work cultures.

As facilitators, we aim to break taboos around how society defines, performs, and values work. Our motto: HOW we work IS the work.