How about transformative intelligence?

Kimberlyn David yoga circle_photo by Okke Ornstein.png

Some say that our top priority is to be "economically valuable." Here’s the thing: We've been down that road over and over again, and it drives us to burnout and alienation. We deserve better. It’s time to be compassionately valuable, to be serviceable to healing our collective hurts and exploits.

I'm endlessly curious about the unquantifiable aspects of who we are. While reading about artificial intelligence some time ago, the phrase “transformative intelligence” popped into mind. AI, robotics, and machine learning can only get us so far—speedy data-crunching and hyper efficiency won't guarantee us greater wisdom, fairness, or freedom.

We can build a sane, compassionate world. Our most important efforts in these regards won’t be found in competing among ourselves (or with robots) for spirit-crushing jobs but in cultivating self-understanding and diving into the messy work of cooperation.

We can start by leveraging the value of being human and unquantifying our purpose. True worth can't be reduced to algorithms or GDPs, which are things that people invented. What really matters is our ability to transform ourselves and treat other people and the rest of life on this planet with respect and care.

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