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Become a #Wonderpilgrim

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You're truly astonishing.

The current system tells us we’re not good enough—not happy, even—unless we’re mindlessly striving for fame/money/things. Enough! We’re not here to earn a living; we’re here to live. And living is an art—it requires examination and amazement.

Do you seek greater connection with your aliveness? Does your daily flow feel more like the daily doldrums lately? Could your creativity use some oomph? Yes, yes, and yes?! Then the message is clear: Your body, heart, and mind are calling for some wonder.

The Path is Yours to Take: An Inner Excursion.

Pilgrimages of Wonder are for people who value the link between contemplative practices and transformation. As highly engaged wonder-seekers, they consider where the personal meets the societal, and they embrace a loving attitude for all living beings and our beautiful Earth.

We all hit plateaus from every now and then. There’s nothing to judge and nothing to prove. Our plateaus offer a clear perspective: they’re the wide open space from which we can reflect on where we’ve been and discover where we’d like to go next (that way!).

You’ll embark on this inner work from wherever in the world you happen to be. No literal travel is required (but travel does the heart wonders, so if you fold this into a vacation or solo retreat, more power to you!). All that's needed is a Skype account and a quiet place to do the yoga/mindfulness practices you'll access.


    what this 4-week journey entails:

    • Exploring what I call “ecology of the self”—the contours and textures of our glorious and not-so-glorious moments. It’s eye-opening to capture the whole picture of who we are.

    • Contemplative writing to cultivate deep inner listening, a way of “hearing” what the body, heart, and mind have to say.

    • Gentle yoga-based movement to: support the body’s regenerative processes; nourish the heart’s capacity to choose love; and observe the mind’s wit, reason, and creativity. These movements are basic and easeful, so no experience with yoga is needed. The recorded practices are yours to enjoy—use ‘em as much as you want.

    • Crafting your philosophy of wonder: What intentions will guide you forward? What matters of the heart shape your sense of meaning? Go on and ask the big questions—leave no stone unturned. We’ll co-curate your insightful gems so you can write out your philosophy, to highlight your trail of wisdom.

    • A closing keepsake: I’ll turn your key gems into a visually stunning, 20-page hardcover book. Yep: your very own Book of Wonder. Place it on your desk, bring it to your bedside, carry it on special outings. Whenever/wherever you need inspiration, your wisdom will be right there, at your fingertips.

    How it works:

    • We’ll hold a meet-n-greet by Skype, to make sure we’re compatible travel buddies, so to speak. This 30-min consult is free, even if we decide not to continue the adventure together.

    • If the journey feels right to you, I’ll prepare a 4-week itinerary based on what I’ve learned in our discussion and in a pre-call survey. I’ll run the itinerary by you, to make sure everything is covered. Then, we’ll hit the proverbial road.

    • We’ll connect at weekly junctures, to reflect and cultivate. Our 30-min check-ins will occur over Skype.

    ticket fee: $420

    I'll need your payment by PayPal or credit card before I can send your 4-week #WonderPilgrim itinerary.

    I offer a free 30-min intro call for you to get a sense of what a Pilgrimage of Wonder is all about. I put my all into developing your personalized itinerary, so I can’t do refunds. Thank you!


    Who's this for?

    Pilgrimages of Wonder are for women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ages. We've been overloaded for far too long—and it's crimping our style. As a woman myself, I know what it's like to be objectified, undervalued, made invisible, put in a box. I know what it's like to be in a board room biting your tongue as the macho CEO tells your boss (a woman) to "keep the emotion out" while she delivers a presentation with finesse and zeal.

    Like way too many women I know, I've been abused and harassed, undersupported and pigeonholed. I've also been held back by other women who were afraid of losing their own power. We need to be here for one another, to rekindle our sense of wonder. Our creativity and joy depend on it. We deserve it!

    CAn I take my time?

    How much time do you want to put into your 4 weeks? That’s entirely up to you—whatever feels right, from wherever you are energetically at this time. The 4-week pilgrimage materials/practices are yours to keep. So there’s never a need to feel rushed or like you’re just piling on work to a busy day.

    The only required time commitment is showing up to our scheduled 30-min check-ins each week. I do recommend that you also take the weekly practices seriously. You should count on 1–3 hours total per week for the yoga/mindfulness practices and writing reflections (going on retreat or taking a vacation? You can always give more time to this if you have it).

    And my book?

    Please allow 6–8 weeks for delivery of your Philosophy of Wonder book (depending on your location; shipping times can vary). Your hardcover book is 7x7 and printed on premium, archival paper that is acid-free and 10% recycled. It's a great size—perfect to tuck in a tote or keep at your bedside.

    Want to order extra copies? Sure thing. Just ask me for pricing and shipping info when the time comes.

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    What I bring to your adventure

    I’m a #WonderPilgrim at heart—and I bring a sense of humor along (a good chuckle can really lighten the load!).

    As a writer, editor, and yoga teacher who loves to walk and travel, I’m committed to inquiry as a path to being fully human. I’m a friendly tour guide with a zest for genuine connection.

    I meet you with an open mind and understanding. Like anyone lucky to be alive, I’ve journeyed through plenty of peaks and valleys. I’ve trekked across vast plateaus of blahs, not to mention repeat episodes of burnout. The peaks, the valleys, the plateaus: wherever you are, I get it. And I respect that place immensely.

    The next slots open in September 2018. Let’s schedule your free 30-min conversation—email me to pencil in a day/time.