Kimberlyn David

Rejuvenation & Kinship

Where could we build bridges between ourselves and others? How can we turn the tide on cultural tendencies that lead to burnout? How might we find more joy in being? I offer retreats for those who want to pause from the usual routine and reconnect with their amazing humanness. These retreats can be adjusted per your individual/group needs, and we can meet online or in an appropriate in-person setting.

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Unplug & Unwind retreats

"Phew, we need a digital detox!" Do you and your friends or colleagues dream of some downtime? I lead retreats that emphasize relaxation. Whether you seek a 1-day refresher or a 1-week getaway, you deserve some time for renewal. I can come to the appropriate retreat space booked by your group, or I can handle the arrangements. Retreat options to consider:

  • Gentle yoga-based movement
  • Reflective journal writing
  • Creative activities
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Pilgrimages of wonder

Seeking greater connection with your aliveness? Does your daily flow feel more like the daily doldrums? If so, then the message is clear: Your body, heart, and mind are calling for some wonder. Become a #WonderPilgrim: Get 4 weeks of 1-on-1, retreat-like support. Want this as an in-person, group retreat? We can do that! Pilgrimages of Wonder typically include:

  • Gentle yoga-based movement
  • Reflective journal writing
  • Rejuvenating conversations

"She creates a warm communal atmosphere."