Kimberlyn David
Kimberlyn David
Transformative Intelligence for Humanity

Full-Service Comms

Do you have an inspiring vision to communicate? Seeking fresh ways to bring your audience the stories that matter? Wondering how to add some extra zing to an ongoing campaign? Looking for a professional to develop and carry out a creative strategy? Whether I’m overseeing major budgets or dreaming up do-good campaigns on a shoestring, my mission is the same: to deliver content that moves people.



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Website copy, email campaigns, blog pieces, calls-to-action, press releases, social posts, online courses... Whatever you’re putting out there should sing. From writing and editing copy to helping you think through design, I’m here for you. Request a project quote →

Print & More

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Communication is everything for your brand: It’s how you connect with people and reflect integrity. It’s therefore a vital piece of any success strategy. I’ll attend to the essentials: taglines, printed matter, package/product descriptions, etc. Request a project quote →

Workshops & Events

Want to address the cultural tendencies that lead to burnout? Seeking to buff your team’s writing skills? As a writer and editor with a background in mindfulness practices, I design workshops/retreats that bring ease and clarity.


Being @ Work

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With the rapid rise of burnout, we see more and more prescriptive measures: Eat healthily, get plenty of rest, try yoga, etc. Taking care of ourselves and managing stress are important, but burnout isn't strictly an individual issue. It's a collective one. I co-lead workshops on this topic with Fabiola Benavente. We bust taboos on how society defines, performs, and values work. Our motto: HOW we work IS the work. Learn more →

Writing @ Work

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You’d love your team to express thought leadership and strengthen your brand’s online presence. Yet the idea of writing articles, blog posts, or social content generates moans from your team. I get your challenge: writing brings up all kinds of doubts and hesitations for those who don’t think of themselves as writers (and even for those who do!). I’ll teach your team how to make writing a fun, struggle-free part of their day. Request info →