Kimberlyn David
Kimberlyn David
Transformative Intelligence for Humanity


As a freelance communications professional, I work with a wide range of mission-driven clients: publications, agencies, digital shops, international companies, educators, advocates. I’m a friendly, full-service collaborator who brings strategic thinking and a great sense of humor to the creative table. Scroll this page to sample my work.

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Digital Highlights

Whether you’re aiming to engage a new niche or bring your global team up to speed on important regulations, you’ll need content that speaks to people. I can help you develop a strategy that will resonate with your audiences, just as I did on these client projects.


Email Refresh

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Lion’s Roar publishes two print magazines and runs original content on its website daily. Their newsletter keeps readers in the loop about recent articles and special offers. While the publisher’s onboarding series worked well, the outreach team wanted a refresh. They brought me on board to write the new email campaign. Learn about Lion’s Roar →

Online Learning

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The Metta Center for Nonviolence provides online courses for people who want to gain a systematic understanding of nonviolence. I’m facilitating the growth of the online school with sales copy and instructional design. I’ve even stepped into a teacher’s role by producing yoga podcasts as extra course material. See the online school →

GDPR Guidelines


To prepare for new data privacy rules in Europe, FrieslandCampina needed to bring their marketing and agency teams up to speed on the General Data Protection Regulation. I was hired to write a series of internal guidelines. To do that, I translated legalese into jargon-free tips and structured complex info into a practical format.

WordPress Website

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As an educator and mindfulness practitioner, Stephanie Knox Steiner helps individuals and orgs integrate peace education into their work. When it came time to launch a website about her work, Stephanie enlisted me to develop it, from start to finish. I devised a navigational strategy, wrote the copy, and created a WordPress layout. See website →

Publishing & Editorial

I wear several hats in the wonderful world of words. As a publisher, I’ve empowered authors to get their books into readers’ hands. My strong sense of aesthetics serves projects in which I act as Creative Director. In writing articles, I do so from the perspective of an editor.

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In my role as editor and creative director, I innovated the re-launch strategy for this publication, taking it from a 20-page PDF to a bi-annual print magazine. The project was part of a fundraising initiative I oversaw for a nonprofit. See PDF of this issue →

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Nonviolence evolved from its prior title, Emergence. My capacity as the magazine’s creative director included curating art and essays, editing articles, and managing the entire production process. I also wrote the business plan. See PDF archives →

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Witnessing the realities of Syrians and others who have fled war and strife is vastly different than “witnessing” humanitarian crises in the media. As I’ve written, Europe’s “refugee crisis” became a sort of catch phrase, perhaps because the media framed the issue as such early on. Read article →

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I was Co-Founding Editor & Publisher of Paraguas Books, a literary house that welcomed new and veteran authors alike. While the company folded in early 2013, our work still ripples, with authors we published going on to win awards and garner other book contracts.