Kimberlyn David

You Deserve to unplug & unwind.

Restfulness strengthens our ability to be truly present in our lives and to approach our work in ways that support our wellbeing.

Retreats allow us to pause from our usual routines so we can rejuvenate. They also give us the chance to check in with our needs and our intentions. How do we aim to act in the world—and why? Where could we break down walls between ourselves and others? How can we express ourselves more creatively, more lovingly?

Let's create your dream retreat.

I create personalized, artfully themed retreats for individuals and small groups (10 max, to ensure I can attend to everyone). Whether you seek a 1-day urban refresher in Amsterdam or a 1-week getaway, I’ll guide a retreat that serves your deepest sense of renewal.

In crafting a retreat for you/your group, I offer two options:

1. You provide the appropriate space (community hub, international retreat locale, boutique hotel, yoga studio...) OR

2. For an extra fee, I consult you on retreat spaces and handle the key organizing details (I can suggest great locations in Europe, the US and Latin America, and I'm always keen to research and try other places)



    It's important to remember why you're going on retreat—to slow down and refresh. So we won't plan on filling up your day too much. I'll create a balanced retreat agenda that suits your interests while leaving plenty of downtime. Example retreat practices/activities that we can consider:

    • gentle yoga, meditation
    • walks/hikes, camping
    • creative arts, cooking lessons
    • journal writing, contemplative conversations

    Unplug & Unwind retreats are suitable to adults of all ages and mobility ranges (side note: I'm highly experienced in teaching yoga to people between the ages of 18 and 75).


    Option 1 retreat fee (your space): $250/€300 per day, plus my travel costs (transportation, lodging, meals)

    Option 2 retreat fee (I handle arrangements): Same as Option 1 above plus an extra fee for carrying out research/coordination. I'll provide you with a retreat quote for your OK.

    For those who are in Europe: all pricing excludes VAT.

    Kindly note that for both options:

    • I require a 50% deposit to reserve your retreat day(s). This deposit can be refunded if you cancel at least 30 days before your scheduled retreat. Other refunds could depend on the cancellation policies of the transportation provider and retreat location.

    • You/your group will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation and accommodations.

    • I accept payments via PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. We can discuss your preferred method at the appropriate time.

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    Why I'm passionate about your Retreat

    As your retreat guide, I bring along a zest for genuine connection and a great sense of humor (laughter really is the best medicine, isn't it?).

    I'm a writer, editor, and yoga teacher who loves to walk and travel—and who is committed to inquiry as a path to being fully human. I believe that there is wisdom to be found in relaxation.

    We're all doing too much, exhausting ourselves in trying to prove that we're worthy (this is true regardless of our financial situations. Some of us must "earn" a living while others of us feel like we need more, no matter how much we actually have). What if we dropped our addictions to doing/proving? How much peace could we find?

    Being in loving relationship with ourselves and all of life on this wondrous planet is our truest human purpose at this time. Relaxation helps us prioritize, express, and embody this purpose.